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Uneven Meter and Appropriate Note Beam Groupings

            After a finale file has been created in any meter, the meter tool can be used to change any number of measures. There is also the ability to create an uneven or composite meter, for example 5/8. This is done by selecting the meter tool  and double-clicking on a measure, which will bring the time signature selection screen.

Before you enter the composite meter using the composite button, you must decide the duple and triple divisions of that meter which will determine the beaming. For example you can break 5/8 into 2 and 3. To do this open the composite menu and enter the correct divisions. In this case you would enter 2+3/8 and select “OK."

The 2+3/8 meter is needed to specify beaming, but the time signature can still read 5/8 as originally intended. To do this select the “Options >>” button which will open a new box. Click on the “Composite” button inside the new box and enter the compound meter of 5/8. After clicking “OK” select the option to “Use a different time signature for display,” then select “OK.”




Reordering the Score After File Creation

            After a score has been created with or without the creation wizard, the order of staves can still be changed. To do this first click on the staff tool  which will cause several boxes to appear next to each of the staves.

Click in the box closest to the clef and drag it to the desired position. Depending on the distance of the staff moved, it might be necessary to drag other staves into other positions as well.

Once the staves are in their approximate positions, open the “Staff” pull-down menu and select “Respace Staves.” This will bring up a menu-box, select “OK” then all the staves will be in the new order with even spacing.

Next the bracket needs to be extended to reach all the staves. Double-click in the box in the center and off to the left of the bracket. This will open the group attributes menu-box. Change the settings in the “Staff” and “Through” boxes to redraw the bracket.